we are 

 rethinking business education 

 from the ground up. 

 we are 

 redefining community 

DeGroote's ambitious plan to rethink business education and reimagine business impact is grounded in our commitment to radically transform business and society. Our students will be the agents of transformation in the years ahead, disrupting how we do business and significantly expanding DeGroote's contributions to Canadian society.

This is impact by design

and it's the future of DeGroote.

Business Student
Business Student

Discovery-Based Learning

Our students will learn from and with other students and faculty across the University, as well as partners in the community.

Through discovery-based learning projects, they'll actively engage in real-world business challenges in the McLean Centre's interconnected, networked, and curated learning "hubs" or "labs". Each will be designed for interactive, interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Activities in these hubs will replace some classroom hours, so that core content is augmented with a learning-by-doing approach.

 “In this new space, students will embrace 

 the future of business. 

 They'll learn about and prepare to excel 

 in careers that don't even exist yet. 

 It's all about enhancing the student 

 experience for the next generation.” 

- Joel MacPherson,
BCom '19, 2018-19 President,
DeGroote Commerce Society.

 rethinking business education 

 reimagining business impact 

The Power of Place

By 2023 we'll welcome students into the new McLean Centre for Collaborative Discovery. The nine-storey McLean Centre will help us transform old-style pedagogy and traditional curricula into a flexible, immersive, tailored learning journey.

Features include:

  • Active Learning Classrooms
  • Collaboration Rooms
  • Entrepreneurial Studio
  • 200-seat Lecture Hall
  • Future of Finance Lab
  • Multi-Purpose Boardrooms
  • Student Experience Centre
  • Study Labs
  • Student Clubs Space
  • AI Applications Studio


delivers education with purpose. Our graduates are innovators, interdisciplinary collaborators, and leaders focused on making a real-world impact.


is Canada's most research-intensive university and is consistently ranked as one of the world's Top 75 Universities. Together, our researchers, students and staff advance human and societal health and well-being, creating a Brighter World.

“It isn't just tactical business knowledge that drives a successful business. Success comes from integrating knowledge, skills and experience from other fields.”
- Paul McLean

 from the ground up. 

McMaster University